There is always a demand for a complete product line of packaging machinery and pharmaceutical machinery by most of the pharmaceutical companies to ensure compatibility and convenience in operations. Therefore, the demand for full lines is set to increase along with the need for filling machines, sealing machines and labelling machines.


There are specific packaging terms and conditions in pharmaceutical industries. There are several procedures that need to be followed before drugs are processed and packed. Selection of containers and sealing materials highly depends on compatibility features. A selective range of materials is accepted in the drug industry. Even when it comes to containers, the common range of containers is not applicable in packing medications.

The materials used for packing machines and sealing machines undergo quality control, compatibility and reliability test. This is also applicable to containers. It too passes sampling test for medicinal product retention, homogeneity in quality, etc.

Below mentioned containers are largely used for packing drugs –


Thematically closed containers are used to protect medicines from superfluous matter and loss of quantity. The closed containers are resistant to air or any other gas available in the external circumference. Hence, preventing potential damage possibilities during shipment etc. The sealing products will have to be made from strong material to support airtight locking.



Ampoules are specifically designed from a tested glass material. It is usually used to store medications in small quantity or single dosages. Its sealing is done by fusion and it needs to be broken. Exclusive machines like powder filling machine and ampoule labelling machine are exclusively designed for ampoules.



Packaging bottles for drug industry are made of glass or plastic for storing both liquid medications and dry syrup. The shape of bottles applied for the pharmaceutical industry should be less marked neck and flat bottom in order to protect medication from external influences. Bottles are compatible enough for both filling machines as well as capping machines


A vial is a small sized container suitable for packing single as well as multiple dosages. Vials need to be handled carefully as they are fragile.

Based on the specifications and standards required for Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) there is precise packaging machinery exclusively designed and supplied for pharmaceutical industries.

IPEC Engineering Pvt. Ltd. supplies a variety of pharmaceutical machines used for stuffing and sealing different sorts of containers used in the medical sector. We manufacture pharmaceutical machinery for filling liquid and powder form of drugs, for washing vials and bottles, for capping containers, and for packaging and labelling as well.