Ampoule Washing Machine is designed in a fashion where the washing process can be customized as per the customer requirements. Each vial or ampoule in the Ampoule Washing Machine flows through a process, which includes –

  • Ultrasonic Treatment (optional)
  • Recycled Water (internal and external )
  • Compressed Air ( internal)
  • Purified Water (internal)
  • Compressed Air (internal)
  • WF 1 (internal)
  • Compressed Air (internal and external)


  • Temperature, pressure media spraying time, cycle speed can be saved for various vials/ampoules
  • Password protection for each process parameter, which can be accessed only by supervisors and validation staff
  • Actual process parameters and alarms are data logged to a storage device or online printer
  • Compliance with 21 CFR part 11 is available


  • Output capacity of 300 ampoules-vials /min
  • All parts that come in contact with the internal surface of the ampoule/vials and the wash media are made of AISI SS316L stainless steel
  • Other parts are made from engineering plastics, FDA approved or AISI SS 304 stainless steel
  • All finishes, welding joints are processed and treated and equipment selected in accordance with cGMP standards



Depyrogenation tunnels are designed to sterilize and depyrogenate glass containers. The process is done maintaining an ISO 5 environment along the whole length and width of the conveyor belt complying with ISO 14644-1 requirements, they are designed to allow higher output in a more compact body with better control of the process parameters.


  • Each independent filter plenum is provided with filer integrity sample port
  • The equipment conveyor belt is monitored and alarm stats is activated if it operates outside the belt speed set points
  • Provision for ports to allow the introduction of Validation thermocouples in each zone
  • The tunnel is provided with full integrated vial flow control logic to allow automatic stops and restarts of the equipment
  • All filter modules have differential pressure gauges to monitor pressure. Pressure switches with high and low alarms
  • When the tunnel is not in use it can be operated in the night -mode to save energy while preventing contaminations



User-friendly reliable and safe solution for the high-speed filling needs. Dosing syringes are driven by a separate brush-less motor. Ampoule sampling unit without stopping the machine. Possibility to memorize various parameters of different ampoule sizes. We are leading Manufacturer of Ampoule Filling Machine, Supplier of Ampoule Filling Machine, Exporter of Ampoule filling Machine in Gujarat, IndiaManufacturer of Ampoule Sealing Machine, Supplier of Ampoule Sealing Machine, Exporter of Ampoule Sealing Machine in Gujarat, India.


  • Self-centring grippers for the transport of all ampoule diameter within the size range without the need to change
  • Ampoule neck centring during gas flushing and filling
  • The possibility of gas flushing before, during and after the filling
  • AISI 316L dosing syringes without gaskets
  • Drip-free adjustment for media of different viscosity
  • The possibility of direct connection to sterilizing tunnel
  • No ampoule no filling function
  • Fully accessibility allows easy maintenance
  • Fast change-over due to an extremely limited number of parts to be replaced
  • Individual micrometric adjustment of the syringes

Other Features of Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

  • Dosing syringes driven by separate brush-less motors
  • Ampoules sampling unit without stopping the machines
  • Possibility to memorize various parameters of different ampoule size
  • The ampoule is transported by the in-feed conveyor in feed scroll and ampoule transfer into transport rack
  • Ampoules are advanced per machine stroke
  • Centring of ampoules necks during gas flushing and liquid filling
  • Elimination of burned off ampoules tips by clipper and ejection into a separate container
  • Discharge of filled and sealed ampoules into the discharge tray

Optical Ampoule Vial Inspection Machine


The filled ampoules are loaded into the infeed chute from where they are transferred in batches by an index wheel onto a linear transfer rack. The rack transfers the ampoules onto the inspection station, where spinners spin the ampoules at a predetermined RPM so that a vortex is formed. Illumination from behind the ampoules assists in light refraction of particles/ fibres. An operator views six ampoules through a magnifying glass

Salient Features of Optical Ampoule Vial Inspection Machine

  • All contact parts in stainless steel and approved engineering plastics
  • The spinning of ampoule/vial.Magnified view with backlighting
  • Clear view of six ampoules/vial
  • The modular and compact ejection system
  • Rotation of spinners can be adjusted to give the desired vortex on liquid
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Large inspection to transport time ratio
  • Facility of the repeat cycle
  • PLC assisted failsafe rejection
  • Counters for good and reject products

Technical Specifications of Optical Ampoule Vial Inspection Machine

  • Output(Ampoules) : 60-72/minute
  • Output(Vials) 48-56/minute
  • Electrical Ratings : 3ph. 415V. 50 cps. (4 wire)
  • 0-75 HP Main Motor
  • 0-25 HP Spinner Motor
  • Net Weight: Approx. -450 Kg.
  • Handling Range (in mm)
  • Diameter Min. 9 Max. 15 mm
  • Height Min. 60 Max. 116 mm

Automatic High-Speed Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine Features:

  • High production speeds up to 300 per minute
  • Stainless steel 304 construction
  • GMP Design
  • Accurate label placement
  • Unrivalled build quality and reliability
  • Full pharmaceutical security package including counter
  • Secondary pressure unit
  • Equipped with online printing device (Optional)
  • No change parts for the change of label size
  • Single point online speed variation control system
  • In-built A.C. frequency drive
  • Label data inputs not required due to the auto label length detection system
  • The machine with pressing unit
  • Speed control by a single knob