IPEC FLUID BED PROCESSOR is used for Mixing, Granulation, Agglomeration, Drying, Blending as well as coating of Particles/Pellets/Granules/Beads. In conventional production models, the AHU, Exhaust Air Blower, Explosion Duct can be located as per the layout of your choice.

Process ducting can be done as per your requirement and room layout cGMP filtration units with better efficiency. Air filters can be supplied both in inlet and exhaust, for dust-free air. Separate solution preparation unit with solution holding tank and stirrer is supplied along the machine for supplying the solution to spray on the product.


  • Inlet Air Handling Unit: This unit will provide conditioned air to process your product
  • Bottom chamber with inlet Air plenum, Gun chamber with removal nozzle fixing arrangement, product container with Wurster column distribution plate, Sampling port etc
  • Retarding chamber / Expansion chamber with light/sight glass
  • Top chamber with filter bag & shaking cylinder mounted on the top
  • Spare product container with distribution plate, Sampling port etc. For drying /Granulation.
  • Spare retarding / Expansion chamber with Top |Spray Port Nozzle fixing arrangement, Light /sight glass
  • Exhaust Air Fan- to keep the process in a fluidized bed
  • Ducting – Both inlet & exhaust ducting with dampers
  • Automation Controls(PLC): All Pneumatic & Electric controls with various recipes and levels to provide you with reproducibility, reliability, accuracy and cGMP
  • Peristaltic Pump for spraying liquid on your product