Are you looking for the proficient ways to wrap and pack your food items? If yes, opt for the IPEC Packaging Machinery products, which are not only technologically sound, but come with hygienic packaging technology.

The machinery industry well portrays the rapidly evolving technical world, Packaging Machinery seems to be no exceptional, and it strikes the right chords of growth and advancement. The results can be comprehended in the transforming packaging concepts and ideas.

To reduce the amount of time consumed, and to offer great packaging solutions, IPEC Engineering is coming up with modern packaging machinery solutions, with additional features and fillers to meet the ever-evolving needs of the packaging industry.

IPEC Packaging Machinery extends you have the liberty to pack over 50 to 80 packages, in a mere time of just one minute.


The method and machinery associated with packaging liquid product is completely different from the packaging of food items. Pouch-packaging machinery are exclusively designed for packaging of food items. The high tensile strength of packaging machinery can be availed from its perfect raw materials. The packaging machinery is made with a good amalgamation of metal and stainless steel for ensuring the high quality and better results.

IPEC Packaging Machinery has a plentiful of advantages, one of which is you do not have to waste your time for the maintenance phase. The pouch type and the roll width might vary depending on the available choices, and our thoughtful inclination.

The Food Packaging Machinery is likely to take help of compressed air requirements, on a note of 6 CFM, at 6 BAR. The production rate is at 60 shots per minute. However, this number is likely to vary with the filling range along with the nature of the product. The weight of maximum products might approximately vary from 700 to 750kg.



Before you plan to invest money in IPEC Food Packaging Machinery, we would suggest you to write down the features, the requirements and the specifications you are looking forward in your Packaging Machinery.

  • The most alluring feature of IPEC Packaging Machinery is that it comes with heat sealable laminated films.
  • The width of the roll comes in desired sizes.
  • The dimension of the pouch packaging machinery comes in two dimensions. The width ranges within 50 to 200mm, and the height ranges between 65 – 300mm.
  • The electrical supply varies depending on the machine size.
  • IPEC Packaging Machinery is available in 50 Hz. It is flexible in notion. The power consumption is within 3KW.